Drinking With Scissors, Volume 2 – Round 2

Drinking With Scissors, Volume 2 – Round 2

Special thanks to Capital Brewery and Bier Garten for opening up space for us to host this event. This is Capital’s first time hosting DWS, let’s make it worth it. Let’s be sure to thank them by drinking a bunch of their delicious beers that have been a staple in the state for years.

What is DWS?

Black Earth Angling Co.. has teamed up with Madison Fly Casters Club to bring you a series of social box-stocking get togethers. We like to call it “Drinking with Scissors.”

Not a fly tier? Not a problem. This is for anyone and everyone. Come out after dark, enjoy some adult beverages, share some stories, maybe learn something new and tie a fly. We want you there any way you can be. Wadered up, wadered down, work clothes, sweatpants, guy, girl, young, old, a traveling a flyshop, a beginner kit, no kit, we don’t care.

Bring a vise, bring a friend, bring a story.
We’ll see you there.