Capital Brewery’s Bier Stube will be closed to the public the evening of December 15th for a private event.

Please visit any of the following locations to enjoy Capital Brewery products, or find a location near you by using the Beer Finder tool on our website:

Business Name Address Phone
Village Green Bar & Grill 7508 HUBBARD AVE 608.831.9962
Longtable Beer Café 7545 HUBBARD AVE 608.841.2337
Hody Bar & Grill 1914 AURORA ST 608.831.1901
Paul & Cheryl’s Neighborhood Bar 2401 PARMENTER ST 608.827.7285
Free House 1902 PARMENTER ST 608.831.1500
Club Tavern 1915 BRANCH ST 608.836.3773
Bristled Boar 2611 BRANCH ST 608.831.0436
Nitty Gritty Middleton 1021 N GAMMON RD 608.833.6489
Mid Town Pub 2405 ALLEN BLVD 608.826.5129
Free House 1902 PARMENTER ST 608.831.1500